5 reasons why every woman should have a minibag

5 Gründe warum jede Frau eine minibag haben sollte
"I'm thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It's just a little bag but we'd feel naked in public without it." Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) Which woman doesn't know this situation - we feel somehow strange, almost naked, when we are on the road without a handbag. Maybe because we were taught that women need a bag, or maybe simply because we have no other possibility to carry important things like mobile phone, keys, wallet - in contrast to men, where half of the universe seems to fit into their pockets. There are countless handbags, depending on their intended use, shape, size etc. This goes from the spacious shopper (which is very popular with most women), over the briefcase or laptop bag sometimes necessary in professional life, to the practical minibag. The preferences for the different types of bags with us women are as diverse as the choice of bags. Some can't live without their huge shopper, in which they carry around their whole lives, while others would prefer to leave the bag at home because they find it annoying. But where should you put your mobile phone, bunch of keys, wallet and other small things that we not only don't want to do without, but actually can't? After all, even the most minimalist people can't get along without money or keys. We will tell you why every woman should have a minibag in her bag collection. 1. You only take with you what you really need. Many women want to be prepared for everything at all times. An emergency kit with tweezers, scissors, Band-Aids, etc. in case something happens. A pocket umbrella in case it starts raining. A notebook in case you need to make a note. But let's be honest: how often do we really need some of these? Everything that is really indispensable fits into a minibag (and even a bit more
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