minibag and The Zero Case make THE environmentally friendly phone case!

minibag und The Zero Case machen DIE umweltfreundliche Handyhülle!
The minibag phone cover (The Zero Case) is biodegradable, compostable and environmentally friendly! Around 1.28 billion cell phones were sold in 2020. Imagine how much plastic waste is created if a plastic case is bought for each of these cell phones. Plastic takes about 450 years to decompose. In contrast, The Zero Case biodegrades in industrial compost in just 180 days! But don't worry: The Zero Case won't rot on your phone - when you no longer need it, throw it in the compost and it will start to decompose. At the same time, the minibag mobile phone cover (The Zero Case) is stylish and practical - like every minibag product. With the minibag phone cover you can have your hands full and your cell phone still at hand. We all know that: - The phone falls down and the glass is cracked - the mobile phone slips unnoticed out of the trouser pocket -you can't find your cell phone in your pocket fast enough when it suddenly rings -the pocket is too small -you have your hands full and don't know what to do with your cell phone For these and many other reasons, Kathi wanted to develop a practical cell phone case so that she could have her cell phone ready to hand in any situation and activity. The minibag mobile phone cover combined with a minibag textile strap makes everything possible: the mobile phone case to tie around! Your mobile phone is protected with the minibag mobile phone cover for hanging: it cannot fall down and is always ready to hand. The Minibag mobile phone cover is available in nude and black - to hang around your neck or as a simple cover - as you like it. The Zero Case consists of 70% biopolymer PBAT and 30% bamboo fiber. The textile straps for the cross-body option are woven in Italy according to our designs and sewn by hand in a small factory in Switzerland. The straps are 2.6 cm wide and can be continuously shortened from 131 cm to 72 cm.
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