New autumn highlights in cranberry & olive

Neue Herbst-Highlights in Cranberry & Olive
The days are getting shorter, the air colder - the cozy season is slowly arriving, in which we like to take time to slow down and recharge our batteries. When the waether is very bad we like to stay inside and cuddle up in a warm blanket and read a book, or we go out and wear our new fall fashion. We have already stowed the colorful summer fashion in the farthest corners of our wardrobes. In autumn, most of our clothes tend to be dominated by dark or at least muted colors. Perfect for setting accents with a colored highlight. Therefor our brand new minibags in the colors cranberry and olive are perfect. Wear it as a clutch, over your shoulder or as a cross-body bag - the choice is yours! Anyway, there is always space for the most important everyday items such as cards, cash, keys, smartphones, etc.
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