Add even more style to your minibag

Pimp your minibag
It’s never without your minibag, as this versatile companion will suit your everyday needs. Wear your minibag as a crossboday bag, as a clutch or even around your waist with its strap wrapped around your body. But did you know there’s a handful of charming accessories that you can spice up your fashionable minibag even more? Here’s our shortlist of must-have minibag add-ons. Add some color to your outfit by swapping your minibag’s leather strap! minibag comes in more than twenty colors, so you already have a broad range of your favorite shades to choose from. Make your minibag suit your personal taste even more by picking one of these exclusive straps just added to the minbag range: they come in hues of orchid, nude skin, navy blue, black and silver. Shop them online here for EUR 44,- No more poking around for your keys with minibag’s own leather tassels (SIND DIE AUS LEDER?). Easily attach them to your strap thanks to its handy snap and you’re all set. Plus they look the part, as the minibag tassel comes in 13 different colors. Browse them here and pick your favorite for EUR 39,- Walk your dog in style with minibag’s doggie waste bag dispenser. Your canine companion is called „a women's best friend“ for a reason -- show him your dog-owner’s love with this essential urban addition to your minibag. A snap spring attaches the handy-size poo-bag to your minibag. It goes to show how minibag lets you combine fancy office requirements with your everyday casual needs. The doggie bag is made of genuine Italian leather. You can find it here for EUR 49,- The smart little pouch bag is small, but don’t judge it by its size -- it’s designed specifically to keep your most important stuff ready at your fingertips. Forget fumbling for your office key card in the morning; forget grabbing for lipstick and mascara during ladies’ night out as it’ll always keep your most trusted belongings by your side. Just snap it to your minibag’s metal spring. Find the anthracite version here for EUR 49,-
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