Your perfect business look

Das perfekte Business-Outfit
Be it mandatory or optional, every occupation or job comes with a certain dress code. Deep necklines and micro-skirts seem like obvious no-gos, but there’s more things to consider when dressing appropriately for the occasion. Check out these helpful guidelines for what to look out for when dressing properly for the job. Quality comes first. It doesn’t always have to be a super expensive luxury-label outfit that you’re wearing and there’s a point to be made for shopping on a budget, but make sure to check the fabric and the seams when shopping. Does it look like a product of good quality? You don’t wanna look tacky or shabby, after all. Be bold when dressing for the job! You don’t always have to rock a black-and-gray combination just to look reputable. Colors and patterns are your friends &mdash if and when you combine them the right way. Wear a single-colored pair of trousers together with a striped or patterned top or go the other way around: single-colored tops with clever details (think frills) can spice up an otherwise straight pantsuit. Less is more when adding accessoires to your look. Bracelets, earrings and other jewelry should come in the subtle variety. Complete your look with a purse that’s not too big and can be transformed into a clutch for when you’re off to an after-work-cocktail with your workmates. Look no further than minibag: this smart little companion is a fashionable sidekick, and thanks to its adjustable leather strap you can wear it as a clutch, as a purse or even as a cross body bag. Shop here, starting at EUR 149. The appropriate hairdo varies depending on the job. Again, you don’t wanna look tacky so your priority should be keeping good care of your hair. Dyson’s „Super Sonic“ hairdryer comes at a price but you’ll love it for its frizz-less hairblowing experience. When it comes to the right shampoo that gives your hair a silky-smooth look we recommend products by Aveda. Same goes for shoes. They absolutely need to look well cared-for and clean. Worn-out shoes are a no-go, just like excessively high heels. Plain and modest shoes will be your go-to option for most of the time, even more so as they’ll stay comfortable to wear throughout the day. Keep your make-up subtle. Showy lipsticks and mascara will make your eyes and lips look unappropriate and fake. Apply sparsely and use natural colors; combine them with a discreet perfume to leave a positive, likeable impression.
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