Here’s why orange should be your go-to color this fall/winter season

Trendfarbe H/W 2018/19 Russet Orange
It’s the Pantone Institute that’s done the call and nominated „russet orange“ the number 1 fashion color for the 2018/19 fall-winter season. You can’t deny its justification: Like the sun gleaming through the leaves and branches of trees in an autumn-lit forest, russet orange will warm your heart and is gentle to the eye. Here’s some of our favorite online findings to go along: Knitting wool. It doesn’t always have to be haute-couture as shopped in the most fancy downtown boutiques. DIY is the name of the game, and with this Peruvian raw sheep wool (found at „We Are Knitters“ for EUR 18 per ball) there’s no more boundaries to your creative drive. Purses. Adjust your accessoires to your fancy new woolen sweater. Check out minibag’s wide assembly of colors (of course there’s autumn-y orange to pick from!) that’s got you covered. It’s #neverwithout your minibag as this smart sidekick can be worn as a purse, as a clutch or even as a cross body bag thanks to its adjustable leather strap. minibag’s a European product made of genuine Italien leather. Shop here, starting from EUR 149. Flowers. The warmth and beauty of orange can make for a lovely bunch of flowers to spice up your living room. Search the web for splendid artisanal flower stores that offer delivery service, and they’ll gladly assist you in bringing a taste of Indian Summer to your home. Check out for example „Floristin Diana Tröger“ and her „energiegeladen“ bouquet, found here for EUR 35. Slippers might not be on catwalk-level in terms of fashion sense, but there’s no denying they do offer a comfy and cozy feel when spending your Sunday lazing at home. Birkenstock’s a world renowned brand and they’ve got you covered with their „Madrid“ line, also found in orange. Shop here with Amazon, starting at EUR 38. Count your comfy scarf to the must-haves of the cold and wet season. Traditional Austrian manufacturer „Roeckl“ processes delicate cashmere wool for their products &mdash you won’t any fabric that’s more comfortable to wear, has a light touch and will also look the fancy part. Check out this model in orange in the size 65 by 180 centimeters, found here for EUR 289.
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