Great presents for mommies and their newlyborns

Geschenktipps für frischgebackene Mamas
It’s gotta be one - if not the - most joyful days in the life of every woman: the moment she becomes a mom and her baby child is born. Add even more love and glee to those unforgettable moments by making mommy a present that’s both useful, perhaps even stylish and comes from the heart. Here’s a short list of our favourite presents for mom and her baby. Never underestimate the power of saying it with flowers. A bouquet of pink or blue will not only match the occasion, its lovely scent will also cover the smells of a hospital bedroom. Vienna has a wide arrange of artisanal flower businesses that will go out of their way to arrange a scintillating bunch of flowers to match the occasion &mdash we’d recommend „Doll’s Blumen“ concept store in Vienna’s 8th district. Mommy will never want to take it off: the „BEST MOM“ bracelet is a lovely gift that has „best mom“ engraved in fine letters. It comes in different sizes and colors - pick one at „ANNA Inspiring Jewellry“, found here starting at EUR 50. As she’ll never be alone again, mommy will soon find out that she’ll be in need of a smart and handy purse companion that’s also fashionable. Check out minibag for the occasion: It comes in a wide range of colors, is made of genuine Italian leather and will adapt to her needs, as mom can wear the minibag as a purse, as a clutch or as a cross-body-bag, thanks to minibag’s adjustable leather strap. You can shop for a minibag here, starting at EUR 149. Keep your most precious moments forever in good memory with these fancy photo prints by „Meilenstein“, seen on Amazon starting at EUR 15,90. That’s German and translates to „milestone“. They come in different varieties and designs and make for precious displays on your nightstand or the living room cupboard. For now your little toddler will be comfortable sleeping most of the time, but there’ll be moments when baby wants to be close to mom &mdash feeling her heartbeat and warmth. Keep your precious darling close to you with a baby sling made of jersey. We recommend the ones seen at „Hoppediz“. They come in different lengths and sizes and there’s lots of colors and designs to choose from. Starting at EUR 44,99.
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