Vienna’s top 5 leatherware stores

Die Top Lederwarengeschäfte in Wien
There’s lots to be said about the convenience of shopping online; and never before has the range of available product been greater. Still we recommend you go „all in“ when it comes down to deciding the right purse or bag for you; even more when it’s handcrafted from genuine leather. You just won’t find the same personal assistance online than you’d get in an old fashioned „brick and mortar“ store. The people working there are professionals - so heed their guidance. Here’s our favorite five spots to shop leather bags (or „Lederwaren“, as they’d call it) in Vienna. „Lederwaren Alligator“ in Vienna’s first district probably needs no translation. Its got a prominent „bite“ right above its display window, a throwback to older times. Don’t let the presumable fossil above the shop entrance fool you, though &mdash the staff is well versed in current trends and will be happy to assist. You can find „Lederwaren Alligator“ on Rotenturmstraße 19. „Lederwaren Weidner“ doesn’t only sound like a family-owned business; it shows. Come by often to gasp in its regularly adapted show window and lose yourself in the product on display. Check out Lederwaren Weidner in Vienna’s third district, on Landstraßer Hauptstraße 27. Search no longer than for Vienna’s ninth district, the „Alsergrund“, for a perfect mix of collegiate youth (there’s one of Vienna’s biggest universities just around the corner) and well-settled cultural proposition (Volksoper, to name just one big stage). „Lederwaren Novak“ sits comfortably on Währinger Straße 51, so make sure to stop by and browse when you’re strolling around Alsergrund’s loveable high streets. Novak will have you covered with a wide assortment of brands &mdash plus they carry minibag, so that’s a big bonus :) „Lederwaren Hietzing“ chose to adopt its district’s name &mdash found in Vienna’s 13th district (which happens to go by the name of „Hietzing“). Coming to Vienna as a tourist you’ll more than probably visit the place for its Schönbrunn castle and the Vienna Zoo; just make some spare time in your schedule and give this finely sorted shop a visit. It’s family owned, so you’re guaranteed a personal welcome and shopping assistance. Find „Lederwaren Hietzing“ on Hietzinger Haupstraße 15.
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